Flatiron CLI Project: The Urgent Care Center Finder

Hello, my name is Dmitriy, I’m currently a Software Engineering Student at the Flatiron School. It is currently completely online based.

My first project is a CLI Based App which implements the Yelp API.

The first step was planning what I wanted to show to the user, what information that I wanted to request from yelp. I have decided to base my app around Urgent Care Centers and implement the ability for a user to find one based on their location with ease.

My Three Classes are UrgentCareCenter, CLI and API. They are meant to work together just like the three musketeers but they also had its own special roles.

The UrgentCareCenter Class describes the objects that are Created, Stored and Accessed in the program.

The CLI Class describes the Interaction with the User, as well as Prints Out Prompts and Takes In Input. It also decides what to do with the data it receives.

The API class has the main responsibility of Interacting with the Internet to retrieve data and then return the Data as a Ruby Data Structure.

Each Class has both Class Methods, which are called on the Class itself, and Instance Methods which are called on an Instance Of The Class.

The CLI Project has taken me about two weeks to complete and I am very grateful to everyone at Flatiron for their support.

Below you will find a video walkthrough of my project as well as a diagram which has been made with draw.io

Feel free to ask any questions. :)

Software Engineering Graduate @ Flatiron