Before I briefly explain my final project I’d like to share that being a student at Flatiron was a challenging, interesting and rewarding experience that is filled with great knowledgeable instructors such as Dakota Lee Martinez, as well as great support staff, and interesting and helpful classmates.

For my final…

Here is a helpful list of React and Redux Terminology that will be helpful for students and developers alike.

createStore(reducer, [preloadedState], [enhancer])

Creates a Redux store that holds the complete state tree of your app


Contains all of our reducers and all of the state of our application


Hello, my name is Dmitriy Malayev and I am a current student at Flatiron School. My most recent project has utilized Javascript for front end development and Ruby for back end development in addition to implementation of Tailwind CSS and lots of help from my amazing instructor Dakota Lee Martinez and my classmates.

My app consisted of a form to set a reminder with a title, a section for notes, a field for starting date and time and ending date and time. Additionally the form has the option to categorize into three color coded calendars; They are personal, work, and private.

In regards to code, I had to utilize many functions, gems, eventListeners, fetch requests, and more. Please take a moment to view this video for more info.

Hello, my name is Dmitriy Malayev, and I am a current student at Flatiron School. For my third project assignment (also known as Mod 3) I have decided to implement a rails app with a Tutoring functionality.

My project consists of four major models; Appointment, Student, Tutor, and User. As…

My second project has multiple requirements some of which are implementing Sinatra and ActiveRecord. With the of our cohort’s amazing instructor Dakota Martinez I have decided to work on an Application Lister project.

My project has 4 controllers.

An ApplicationController which is the main controller. It Inherits from Sinatra::Base and…

Hello, my name is Dmitriy, I’m currently a Software Engineering Student at the Flatiron School. It is currently completely online based.

My first project is a CLI Based App which implements the Yelp API.

The first step was planning what I wanted to show to the user, what information that…

Hello, my name is Dmitriy Malayev, and I am a current Software Engineering student at Flatiron School.

There are numerous reasons why I choose to pursue Software Engineering at Flatiron. The main reason is that my nephew has graduated from the same program at the same school and he had…

Dmitriy Malayev

Software Engineering Graduate @ Flatiron

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